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SIM Toolkit Application is very easy and fast to view SIM card information for your android phone ( SAMSUNG,sony,oppo,lg,.....) . SIM Toolkit Application can Import or Export and Delete or Add new Phone number. Sent message or make a call from this app. SIM Toolkit Manager An application that helps manage the SIM card easily and simple. Facilitate the management of information on the SIM card by manage your contacts. And provides information that is useful. It gives also the ability to manage the SIM card easily.
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July 15, 2017
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What’s Sim Toolkit?

The Sim Tool kit program is a simple to use program that can allow you to view all of the information that’s connected to information on your own SIM card. You can get all of the information that’s available on your own Android cellphone. There are a whole lot of attributes the Sim Toolkit will give you. It supports export and import attributes. In this program, you receive the facility to calls or message. Additionally, it can help you to handle the Sim card economically. You might even handle your contacts.

The Sim Tool kit is just like the typical GSM system. It includes controls and three layers at which the first is your RIL, which can be software supplied, next is your Sim Toolkit support, a very simple machine code which can convert raw messages along with the last level that’s the consumer interface. In summary, this is what the Sim Toolkit program will allow you to do. You’ll be provided an opportunity to command the sim user interface, also, it supports communicating sim services. In addition, it handles the menu and aids in program control. Additionally, you’ve got an attachment direction.

Installing Sim Tool kit to your Mobile Phone

Its applications are safeguarded. The SIM pin, telephone lock or both will shield the software. The telephone is locked, you can not find the software. You can run the sim toolkit app with one of the hottest android emulators.

How to Repair Sim Tool kit Error?

You may face difficulties whenever you’re using the Sim Toolkit. The paragraph will provide you a couple of suggestions that will allow you to conquer the issues. On occasion you’ll be not able to open the program; it might state that the menu isn’t initialized or will ask you to add the Sim card. You may notice errors popping up. What would you do during these cases? You could try easy answers. Proceed to settings and locate the power manager placing. Harness it and proceed to desktop app administration. You’ll see background program particulars. See whether the use of this program is obstructed. Tap on the program, and you’ll discover it is working. Open it, and you might view new offers and also alter the language.


Just how can I remove the sim program?

This instrument will bring you plenty of characteristics you could appreciate; You can watch horoscopes, listen to songs videos and even chat with your pals. But if you don’t enjoy the Toolkit, you might even eliminate it.

The way to disable the sim program?

You’ll need to root your cell phone. Receive a root app uninstaller and eventually get rid of the Sim Toolkit.

In the event, the phone demonstrates that the Sim Manager is inaccessible, here’s what you can do. You can restart your telephone.

Where’s your Sim Tool kit at the iPhone?

It is possible to come across the Sim Toolkit program on the iPhone menu.

Where’s Sim Tool apparel in Samsung?
You, Will, Find the Sim Toolkit situated from the Apps Menu.

Where’s Sim tool kit in windows telephone?
It’s accessible with different programs on your mobile phone.

You could locate the program combined with the other programs on your menu.

Can Be sim toolkit spyware?
No, it doesn’t belong to the kind of spyware. It’s not difficult to use.

Very Easy and Fast to

View SIM Card Information.
Import and Export Phone number.
Delete or Add new Phone number.
Multi Delete Phone number.
Sent message or make a call from this app.
Copy number and text into clipboard.


Manage Sim contact number.
Back up SIM phone number into Sdcard.
Import phone number from Sdcard to your mobile phone.
Add a new phone number.

1.Phone type.
2.SIM Serial number.
3.SIM Operator.
4.SIM Country of origin.
6.Device Id (IMEI/MEID/ESN)
8.Network type.
9.Active Roaming.
10.Network provider etc