New Motorola Razr adds 5G, has a lower price – Video

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This is the new Motorola razor, and I know what you’re saying.
Didn’t Motorola release a razor in February?
Yes, they did.
But this one takes the problems and the nitpicks of that phone and attempts to fix them, it’s built better, has better specs, better cameras, adds 5g at software improvements to that outside display and.
Costs less, though still a lot because it is a foldable phone after all.
My first impressions are that this new razor is a solid refinement for the better so, let’s go hands on with The Motorola razor in my kitchen.
Hey, it’s like the pandemic.
So like what’s this guy supposed to do?
So when the Motorola razor came out in February of this year, it was a first a modern smartphone that could fold in half, like a clam shell from the early 2000s.
Hence its lineage to the odd razor flip phone.
And it’s the Star Trek appeal.
After seeing the ZIF lips 2020 specs availability on more carriers and lower 1300 and $80 price compared to the 1500 dollar price of the razor.
Many people dismiss the razor despite its coolness, but it’s funny how things can change in six months.
In August, Samsung added five g to the Z flip and released the galaxy z flip, five g for 1400 and $50.
And now, Motorola made numerous refinements inside and out to the razor including the addition of 5g support updated specs and new hardware.
And released for all intents and purposes, an entirely new phone and all while dropping the price to 1399.
That’s $50 less than the Z flip five G and get this.
The razor still seems cooler than it was.
He flipped to Motorola did a number of mechanical improvements to make it feel closer to its top shelf price.
In fact, before you even pick up the new razor, you can see some of those refinements.
The stajcic razor kin is more tapered and sleek.
This new design has a hint of Motorola startac essence the back is no longer plastic but glass which looks premium and the polished granite version I got my hands on and speaking of that, when I pick up the new razor it feels solid and that’s because the body is made of aluminum and covered in glass on the front and back.
Still uses the zero gap hinge design from the February razor.
But with adjustments, its springs are tighter making the screen more taut.
And along with that taper can easier to flip open with one hand.
The ends of the hinges are more pronounced.
It’s almost like it’s wearing shoulder pads.
It not only looks good, but in my hand the hinge shoulders nestled instinctively between my thumb and index finger first solid grip.
When close, the hinge is perfectly flat, meaning you can stand it up.
I’ll be it upside down.
Okay, maybe I’m not sure how useful that feature really The volume rocker and power button are no longer on the same side of the phone and instead, the power button is on the left side which should make it easier to distinguish from the volume rocker on the right side.
And one of my favorite improvements on the new razor, at least the one that I get to go hands on with.
It doesn’t squeak like a leather baseball glove when it opens and closes.
That is huge because the review unit I had in February squeaked loud.
The new razor is designed to be an either the open or closed position.
There’s no z flip flex mode here.
Motorola claims the screen is rated to be open and closed 200,000 times to give you an idea How many times that is you could open and close the phone 100 times a day for five years and still not hit that number.
It has a 6.2 inch internal OLED display, and it’s made of five different layers with a hard coating on top.
Now in certain lighting When the screen is off, you can make out the edges of the steel plates that are at the top and bottom behind the screen.
Now your pickiness on this may vary.
That said, there’s still not a permanent crease, like Say on the Galaxy z flip, which to be honest, that doesn’t even bother me either.
The top of the razor display has a Motorola Batwing kick notch, which houses an upgraded selfie camera with a 20 megapixel sensor.
Motorola’s main camera on the outside of the phone is now 48 megapixels and uses pixel binning to reduce image noise and brighten shots in medium to low light situations.
It also packs optical image stabilization which should help those photos further with longer shutter speeds.
The camera also has a time of flight sensor to help focusing and low light as well as portrait mode photos.
Pairing the cameras and the phone is eight gigabytes of RAM, a 2800 milliamp hour battery with 15 watt turbo charging and a Snapdragon 765 g processor and yes.
The G stands for gaming.
The battery is bigger than the one in the February razor, but yeah, not huge.
When compared to other non folding phones.
Motorola said that the use of the razors exterior display helps reduce the strain on the battery.
Now that’s just something we’re going to have to.
Wait until we can test this phone, especially considering that it also has a 5G to see what the battery life is like.
The new razor has 256 gigabytes of storage and runs Android 10 which brings a slew of new and useful features, especially to that exterior quick view display.
When the phone is locked and close, just wave your hand over the phone or tap on the power button.
So use the outside screen in peak display mode.
This lets you see notifications by pressing and holding on an icon.
Now if you swipe up while holding on the icon, you can see more notifications for that app or send a quick reply or give a like an Instagram for example.
But when the phone is closed and unlocked, aha man the quick view display turns into a mini android phone.
You get swiped down to get the control panel, swipe up, to get the notification shade, wipe to the left, to go to the camera and swipe to the right to see and use apps you’ve selected.
You can use apps like YouTube, Facebook, or Gmail on the petite display.
With a mini keyboard, Motorola even threw in an addictive game for the display called Astro Odyssey.
Honestly, it has the best music.
Even better if you’re using an app on the quick the display and then open the phone, it’ll pick up right where you were.
So if I’m watching a YouTube video about telescopes, I can continue watching it on the larger interior display just by opening the razor up.
Now, Motorola said that any app that supports a four three ratio should be able to work on the quick view display.
So The possibilities are pretty exciting.
And I really look forward to trying out a bunch of more apps on it.
Perhaps the razors biggest improvement is that it isn’t exclusive to Verizon anymore.
You can get an unlocked version and use it on the likes of AT&T and T Mobile.
Better yet, this little guy has support for 5G.
Now, Motorola said they place multiple 5G antennas in both ends of the phone.
That way whether the phone is open or you’re using the phone close, you should always have the best 5G connection possible.
Now while the current state of 5G in the US is a mix of hype, hoping Whatever the opposite of harmony is, that doesn’t mean that 5g networks won’t grow and become more robust over time.
But it’s nice that the razor has 5g.
So even if you’re not able to connect to a 5g network where you live right now, well, you might be able to do so eventually.
Now specifically the razor supports the sub 6 flavor of five G, which currently can be found on at&t and T Mobile in the US.
Some other odds in it.
The February razor only had an ECM but the new razor supports dual Sims, a physical Nano SIM card.
As well as an ease, there’s also NFC for Google pay.
The phone has water repellent, nano coding on all internal components and on the exterior of the phone.
So if you get a few raindrops on it, you should be okay, Don’t go drop your razor in the toilet.
Motorola is also committed to two OS updates and two years of security updates and it promises a speedy release of those updates.
Now, Samsung just announced they’re going to be doing three of those OS updates.
So I’d like to see Motorola get there, but two is better than one, I guess.
Now some things the new razor lacks are dual speakers a headphone jack, wireless charging, IP rated water and dust resistance, a high refresh rate display.
Again, these are compromises made to make the razor simultaneously better, less expensive and still have a screen that folds in half.
On paper Motorola seems to have struck a good balance and I look forward to testing the razor out.
The new Motorola razor will be out this fall for 1399.
In the US, it will come in three colors, polished granite, blush, gold, or liquid mercury which full disclosure also happens to be the name of by Queen cover band.
But you know what, guys, I wanna hear from you.
What do you think of the new Motorola razor?
What do you think of its improvements?
Do they go far enough?
Are you interested in getting one?
Throw your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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