Motorola One 5G in-depth review – Video

September 28, 2020 John Mendoza No Comments

This is the Motorola One 5G.
It costs $445, well, at least the AT&T version does.
And at this time, it’s the most affordable 5G phone you can buy in the US, but should you?
With affordable and feature packed offerings like the Moto G stylus, cheap power and G fast, it’s clear that Motorola thrives in the budget end of the phone market.
And now with the new Motorola one 5G, the company figured out a way to combine its budget no hell with 5G smarts, all without the use of an additional accessory like the Moto mod on the Moto Z four and Moto Z three.
And that’s good, because in the US the majority of 5G phones are expensive.
For example, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cost 1300 dollars.
The one plus a pro starts at $900.
And Motorola’s own Edge Plus is $1,000.
look even more affordable mid tier 5G phones like the LG velvet Galaxy A71, the Motorola Edge and the OnePlus 8 cost about $700.
So it’s really impressive that the Motorola One 5G is $445.
That at least the at&t version is and I say that because the pricing and availability for the Verizon model has not been shared.
And part of that is each carrier version of the phone supports different kinds of 5g, the Verizon one supports the carriers, millimeter wave.
And the AT&T version, the one that I’ve been testing has sub-6 5G connectivity.
And like its nearly identical European sibling, the Moto G 5G, the Moto One 5G, that’s a lot of Gs Has appealing specs like a 6.7 inch full HD display a Snapdragon 765 processor of big 5000-MAH battery, a headphone jack, a 90HZ refresh rate display and six cameras Needs six cameras.
Nobody, but this has them.
It also has NFC for Google pay, which is notable because previous Motorola budget phones have lacked this feature in the US.
The Motorola 15 g runs Android 10 and will receive one major OS update as well as two years of security updates.
Now that isn’t as good as Samsung’s promise of three years of iOS updates for new Galaxy phones, but at least you know where you stand right?
Okay, but to hit that $445 price, Motorola made some other compromises.
The screen is an LCD instead of an OLED.
It only has four gigabytes of RAM.
The battery has turbo charging, but it’s only 15 watts.
And the phone is made of polycarbonate which aka is plastic and doesn’t feel as premium as a glass design.
Now, none of these are necessarily deal breakers in my book but when you add everything up on the whole, the Motorola One 5G is impressive but a little all over the place.
It reminds me of one of those restaurants where you can get fried rice, a slice of pizza, sushi and a taco, which in theory isn’t bad but lacks the cohesiveness of a phone like the Motorola edge.
For example, the Motorola 1 5G has a gorgeous blue finish, but it’s marked with a giant AT&T logo.
There’s a nearly stock version of Android 10 with Motorola’s useful shortcuts like twist your wrist to open the camera or double cap to turn on and off the flashlight.
But then there’s all this at&t bloatware and pre installed apps, which soil the experience.
I mean, come on.
It’s 2020.
The 5g connectivity well, that really depends on where you live.
I got speeds of 25 megabits per second downloads in my house in Chicago.
When I was outside I got 99.4 megabits per second download speeds And 41.7 megabits per second upload speeds for comparison, I get 71 megabits per second download speeds on 4g LTE inside my house and 206 megabits per second on 4g LTE outdoors.
Now, obviously over time as at&t continues building out its 5g network and it becomes more robust Those speeds and consistency of coverage.
Well, they should improve.
And if you’re considering this phone because of 5G, well, I recommend looking into AT&T’s 5G coverage in your neighborhood.
And don’t be fooled by the 5G E logo.
We’re not gonna get into it but Don’t worry about that.
Now, what I absolutely enjoy about this film are the numerous innovations.
The vampire bite hole punch display.
Well, it looks sleek.
Each hole houses a selfie camera, one wide and one ultra wide.
But the neat feature here is the subtle glowing ring of light around the active selfie camera.
This helps you and your friends know where to look.
We saw this on the more expensive Motorola edge and Edge Plus.
Another feature that’s impressive is the 90 hertz refresh rate.
To display the fact that there is 5g support and a high refresh rate screen for $445 is outstanding.
Going back to that mishmash restaurant metaphor, it’s as if the fried rice pizza place serves amazing tacos All right, well, I’ll stop using this metaphor.
So let’s talk about these cameras, all six of them.
On the back of the Moto 1 5G are four real cameras, including a macro camera that has one of the coolest features I’ve seen in a long time.
Surrounding the macro cameras lens is a ring flash to illuminate close up photos and video.
First I’ll say I don’t casually take a tonne of macro photos and videos.
But that said the ring light was handy.
It could be more so, I wish the colour of the ring light flash would adjust because sometimes the white balance came from photo to photo even though the camera The subject didn’t move and the lighting was the same.
There’s also a two megapixel depth camera which along with the main camera takes rear portrait mode photos, which works really well.
You have to be about five feet away from your subject but motorways.
Roll as we’ve seen in other phones like the edge and edge plus does really well with how it separates the foreground and background.
Now that’s two rear cameras down and we have to go the main camera has a 48 megapixel sensor and uses pixel binning to combine four pixels into one.
This helps reduce image noise and increase brightness and I can say I’m impressed with some of the photos the modal Rolo15 key captured.
But as the light gets dimmer the quality of photos is hit or miss, especially with noise reduction making details.
Very soft and photos.
Now night vision can help but.
The way it renders looks a bit heavy on the HDR effect to me like you’re putting in a really obvious filter.
Now rounding out the quad rear cameras is the ultra wide camera which does a great job matching the colours of the main camera, but the dynamic range not so much.
So anyway, take a look at some photos I shot with the Motorola one, 5G
Let’s talk about video, the Motorola one 5G can shoot 4K video and it looks pretty good especially in bright light.
But videos don’t have the same dynamic range as photos do and often, I see light fixtures blowing out the sky blows out or in low light.
Well details get super soft here.
Take a look at some of the videos I shot with the Motorola 1, 5G
On the front are two cameras, bringing the total number of cameras on the 15G to six.
That’s right So one is the standard wide angle camera, the other is an ultra wide angle that covers 180 degree field of view.
That’s really why, the main selfie is good but when I’m in medium to low light, aka like indoors, there’s a lot of noise reduction happening that makes my skin look plasticky and a bit well like a painting and good life.
Both front facing cameras are capable of some solid photos though the dynamic range overall is limited.
Then there’s that gigantic battery.
And that’s really here to help with two things.
One is the high refresh rate screen, which also gets some help from software AI that can throttle the display between 60 hertz at 90 hertz depending on what’s on the screen.
But also helps with that 5g connectivity.
Initial battery testing shows that battery life is excellent.
But please check out my written review on for more battery test updates when it comes to the processor and RAM, I found the Motorola one five g fast.
It did lag I didn’t see stutters animation and when when I ran it through test is scored right up there with the LG velvet 5g phone as well as the Google Pixel four, eight.
Now, let’s talk about this RAM.
Right now, it seems fine, and hopefully the phone retains that pep in a year, or even two, especially when there’s an OS update.
So, at the end of the day, the Motorola 15G is a solid phone, especially for the price, but before you buy it, see how much this phone costs.
The Motorola edge.
Now normally, the edge costs $700.
But at the time I’m recording this video, it’s on sale for $500.
Now if you could swing that $55 difference you’re getting a much more solid build, better cameras, more RAM, twice the internal storage and no giant at&t logo.
But I want to hear from you guys.
Do you have the Motorola one five g?
Are you considering getting it?
Do you have questions?
If so throw your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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