Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 Continuation: We drive 007’s most famous car – Video

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In the words of queue, this will only take an hour or so if you give me your undivided attention.
This is perhaps the most famous mobile car ever.
I remember playing with my cousin’s Corgi back in the day, and I was fascinated not just obviously because it was a model car but because of all the things on it.
Now Aston Martin has built perhaps the ultimate big boys toy.
This is the Aston Martin DBX five gold finger continuation.
And yes, the full scale card does have all the amazing gadgets that so fascinated me first on the toy and then in the films Things like the twin grinding machine guns, [SOUND] bulletproof panel, the smoke screen
and the oil slick although that’s actually brought [UNKNOWN].
Today I’m going to spend a couple of hours driving from Newport Pagnell to stoke Park via a couple of other landmarks pertinent to this very special car.
It’s actually territory that I know pretty well so I shouldn’t be needing this.
Why starting Newport Pagnell?
Well this is where Aston Martin’s continuation cars are made.
First there was the DB for GT.
Then there’s a Gato body version of that car.
And now this, each Goldfinger DB five takes four and a half thousand dollars to build, and there’ll be 25 going to customers, but of course the 3.3 million pounds each, there will in fact be 28 in total because there will be one cat by Aston Martin and one kept by Ian Film production company responsible for bond and then there will be one more auction for charity.
All will be painted Silver Birch, but none will leave the factory road registered.
How then you might wonder, am I driving this one on the road?
Well, it just took a quick phone call, to the right people.
Now in the original book of Goldfinger In Fleming wrote in a DB three DB Mark three VAT.
But then when they came to the film, basically chose the latest and greatest Aston Martin which was the DV five.
They approached Aston Martin and they were a little cautious to start with.
It wasn’t an instant yes.
Then they relented in the switch do is just a smokescreen now is the only gadget.
But as everybody on the film started chipping in with their own ideas, the director suggested the revolving number of late because it apparently been having a bit of trouble with parking tickets recently.
So it just sort of spiraled out of control perhaps, but certainly.
Paying for the car that we recognize and love today.
That revolving number of late is of course present and correct on this car, complete with French and Swiss registrations just as it had in the film.
Now, back in the 60s, there were four.
Goldfinger DB finds.
Two of those were promotional cars after the film that did tours and stuff went around with the film.
But the two that he used on the film, the first one was VMT 2168.
So the famous number plate that’s on this car.
That was actually it was a very late DB for There was then dressed up to be a DB five.
That’s the one that was packed around given all the original gadgets.
And then because the director got a little bit kind of jumpy about the fact that it was $45,000 worth of car being thrown around the place by some drivers.
They drafted in another car.
That car was FNP seven B and actually ended up standing in for an awful lot of the famous scenes it was didn’t have the gadgets initially it was given them at a later date.
But it was used for a lot of the driving scenes and it was dressed up to look Like BMT 268
The gadgets for these continuation cars were developed by Oscar Winner Chris Kobold.
The special effects supervisor on eight previous gen bonfils.
The original Goldfinger DB five, however, was engineered by another Oscar Winner and legend of the industry, John Stairs.
He would go on to create a rather different form transport in the shape of Luke Skywalker is landspeeder as well as Jedi, lightsabers and RTD.
Two and C three.
He also lived in a house very close to our roots in Buckinghamshire today, but we’re not going to stop there.
He’s instead we’re making a detour to black Park Woods which doubled for the Swiss Woods were bombed out runs Eric gold fingers henchmen of Kind of Robert.
He doesn’t actually do anyway, he uses some of the gadgets so the smoke screen is used and the oil which despite the fact it’s clearly on gravel, I’m not sure it all makes that much difference on gravel.
But anyway that’s there.
Then the rear screen, the bulletproof screen gets used as well.
Eventually, it Dropping to the masses and actually getting killed by odd job and bond getting captured.
So it’s not a very successful ad running of them.
But bond does then get to use something else in the next scene, which we’ll go to.
After this.
Today’s words well go here, people doing their own stunts.
Next up on the tour of appropriate locations is Pinewood Studios.
There is a Goldfinger Avenue inside the studios, and this is where the scene in which bond uses the ejector seat was filmed.
The original cars didn’t actually have ejector seats, and neither do the continuation cars.
But there is the all important button in the ghetto and a removable roof panel.
Interestingly, the original cars weren’t actually fitted with the Ben Hur style wheel slashes either, but the continuation cars anyway, although we couldn’t get access to Goldfinger Avenue, I did manage to find somewhere just down the road that made me feel like I was near double seven obviously to drive this is what is a brand.
New DB five, and it does feel like a dv five.
There is a little bit more weight in this car because of all the gadgets but the DB five is it has the feeling of a fairly hefty car.
Anyway, so I think Something that I really noticed while driving, this original back to back.
When it does still have this lovely sensation you can keep up with traffic really surprised me, it surprises a lot of other people when they see you go past it.
Under the bonnet is a four liter straight six putting out 282 brake horsepower at 5000 rpm and 280 pounds foot at four and a half thousand rpm.
help speed is 148 miles an hour and not 60 miles an hour is 7.1 seconds.
There is a library or axle with what’s the linkage and braking is by discs all round.
Steering rack and pinion with no systems.
Steering is obviously fairly heavy you have to wait for it in the corner and I love that feeling of suddenly over bumps even slower speed as you can feel the the geometry changing the suspension.
One of the things that you might notice that BMT two and six A in the film, I shouted for speed box.
This is got a five speed box.
I think the other guy if he did have five, three boxes that had his elephant image he broke on the focal part.
So we then had to fly out BMT and sort of kind of against what they were trying to achieve.
That was the one that got thrashed around.
It’s surprisingly great.
I’m sitting a little hard by the way because there’s a gun cabinet underneath your seat.
Just needs to get the game shift a little bit of time as the thing I noticed most want to be positive on the pedal certainly break so not too bad.
One gadget is really good a reason let alone the thing called air conditioning could have [LAUGH]
Slight getting rather hot.
I could have happily driven the DB five all day after all and try the battering rams yet.
But eventually I reached the very salubrious surroundings of Stoke Park.
This is where the film goes directly after the DB5 has been introduced in Q’s lair.
It’s also where one of the most famous photos of Connery and the DB5 is taken.
The impressive Buckinghamshire location was doubling for our gold fingers golf club and can’t get through but who played Goldfinger?
Exactly a very good golfer, but Sean Connery had to learn to play for the film.
It was a game he would continue to play avidly for the rest of his life.
Anyway, Goldfinger famously cheats upon does his own subtle switches lesson just to stymie the baddies scarless actions and win the game.
And from there on follows him to the famous Furka Pass in Switzerland.
For another chance to pose leaning against the front wing and God, one day perhaps we’ll head there with a DB5.
But today, this is where our journey ends.
It was FMP that was actually used for the Stoke Park scenes.
And unlike BMT which was sadly stolen in 1997, probably never to be seen again.
FMP 7B does still exist today, somewhere.
And now there are gonna be 25 more of these wonderful silver birch Goldfinger cars.
And I think that’s a good thing because of this day.
So the other thing is that this car puts a smile on people’s faces wherever it goes.
So 25 times more smiles Seems like a good idea to me.

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